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Destination Info Here At Outdoorplaces!

Example Yellowstone National Park -- A great Destination!

The Destination section of this site will provide you with maps and information on some of the nations greatest destination hotspots. Above is just an example.

For your convience we have listed the most popular destinations on this page. To find more places either search te site or use the DESTINATION page.

Staying Safe And Having Fun While Camping!

Here at outdoorplaces we have a section of this website devoted to camping safety and helpfull camping tips. Below is an example of some of what you will find! Enjoy!

The following youtube and commentary provided by Ken Kramm. Thanks Ken!

Don't cancel your next outdoor camping getaway due to the fact rain is in the forecast. Some of my ideal camping outings happen to be during flash floods and significant bad weather. -- Ken Kramm

This video offers 10 tips for an enjoyable experience. These tips are merely a synopsis, based mostly on personal experience. I am continually learning and don't claim to be an professional

10. Don't proceed if you are scared of adventure. Look on the particular experience as a way to train for an unexpected emergency or natural catastrophe.

9. Exercise survival knowledge in good weather. Bushcraft survival skills are generally perishable.

8. Get a decent backpack. It ought to fit your personal needs and be well made.

7. Make a tarp refuge that will keep your equipment dry while setting-up a tent or hammock. Practice, practice, practice ... quite a few different configurations.

6. Select your personal tent carefully. Make sure that it is simple to set-up, includes a bathtub floor and is waterproof.

5. Camp on high ground. Otherwise a brief shower may perhaps turn your campsite into a waterway.

4. Organize your things. Utilize clothes as a pillow. Place everything in plastic bags to stay dry. In comfortable weather, select clothes made from artificial materials which wick water away from your body. Use wool in cool weather conditions, because wool stays warm even if wet. Never use cotton clothing; if cotton gets wet, it remains wet.

3. Bring a stove or make a campfire. Practice various fire starting methods. Be careful, sparks might melt / burn tarps and tents. Contemplate your campfire as carefully as you choose your new TV.

2. Walk the paths. Trails look varied in the rainfall. You will see many wonderful sights ....

1 . BE PROTECTED. Be careful of lighting and widow makers,which can be trees and branches that may fall.

Videography by Ken Kramm, 2013

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