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 Online Press Kit


Looking for key information about OutdoorPlaces.Com?  Find out about our mission statement, traffic, e-mail database, page views, partners, and how to contact us for additional information. 

 Awards & In The News


Our awards and kudos, and OutdoorPlaces.Com featured in the news. 

 Investor Relations


Information about investment in OutdoorPlaces.Com. 

 Mission Statement


We like to think we are more than just one of thousands of outdoor sites on the web.  Our mission is to guide, educate, stimulate, and facilitate adventure in the great outdoors. 


The outdoors is a fragile place.  As an outdoor adventure website it is our corporate belief that we must exercise and uphold the same standards that we would expect our clients to adhere to. 


Who are those people behind the curtain?  Meet some of the permanent staff. 

 Affiliates & Partners  

Just a little information about who we have partnerships and affiliate relationships with. 

 Privacy Policy  

Your online privacy is important to us.  Find out about and review our privacy policy and how we protect your valuable personal information. 

 Legal Disclaimer  

Our lawyers made us put this here.  We suggest you read it before trekking through our site.