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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, United States - OutdoorPlaces.Com

 Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, United States, Page Five

 Returning on your southerly journey, you will come to Crystal Forest about two Painted Desert View From The Rim Trail, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, United States, copyright 1999, OutdoorPlaces.Com, all rights reserved miles from the Jasper Forest access road.  Crystal Forest was once home to some of the largest petrified formations in the park.  However the logs, laden with quartz and amethyst crystals, were dynamited into the shards of stone you see today and the semi-precious stones hauled away.  It had to have been an amazing sight to those first surveyors who viewed this over 100 years ago.  The Crystal Forest Trail is a 3/4 mile loop through this region and is easy for most people to complete.

As you drive south further into the desert you come to the Long Logs access road less than a mile from the south entrance.  The combined Long Logs Trail and Agate House Trail are about two miles.  Here you will find the largest concentration of petrified wood in the park.  Take the trail easterly and then head north around the interpretive shelter.  As you come around the shelter you will be given the view you have been waiting for -- the desert floor littered as far as the eye can see with the fossilized remains of an ancient forest.

  If each visitor to Petrified Forest took just one ounce of petrified wood in a year,  56,250 pounds of stone would be removed equaling more than 28 tons!!!

The Agate House Trail leads to a partially restored pueblo made out of petrified wood.  This trail is the longest in the park but goes through easier terrain then Blue Mesa.  Make sure you carry lots of water and note the trail is closed a half-hour before the park closes.

Leaving Long Logs and continue to travel to the southeast, you will come to the Rainbow Forest Museum and the Giant Logs section of the park.  This 4/10 of a mile long trail is improved and fenced and has the 

highest traffic of any of the park trails.  This trail takes you through another area of large logs including Old Faithful, the largest tree in the entire park.  Past the south entrance you travel a short distance to US 180.  You can take US 180 west to Holbrook, 19 miles away, and back to Interstate 40, at exit 285.  Holbrook is the best area town to stop in for a meal or overnight accommodations if backcountry camping in the desert is not your thing.

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