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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, United States - OutdoorPlaces.Com
 Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, United States, The Facts

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Address:  top
Petrified Forest National Park
PO BOX 2217
Petrified Forest, AZ  86028-2217

Phone:  top
(520) 524-6228


Operating Hours:  top
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Labor Day to Memorial Day, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Memorial Day to Labor Day (call ahead to confirm hours).  Open all year except for Christmas and New Years.  Please note that the entire state of Arizona does not observe daylight savings time.

Fees & Permits:  top
$10 vehicle access fee, $5 for pedestrian and cyclists.  Annual Golden Eagle Pass, $50 and good at all National Park facilities for one year from date of issue.  Commercial photography photos permit required

Climate:  top

Spring:  Warm, dry and windy.  Desert conditions with temperatures ranging from the 50'ies to the 90'ies by June
Summer:  Hot, and dry with frequent evening thunderstorms.  Temperatures in the 90'ies and 100'ies.  Wind storms possible
Fall:  Warm, dry and windy.  Desert conditions with temperature ranging from the 90'ies in September falling to the 30'ies in December
Winter:  Cold, dry conditions.  Temperatures fall as low as the 20'ies and on rare occasions there is very light snow.

What To See:  top
Painted Desert is in the northern part of the park offering scenic vistas and backcountry hiking and camping.  Puerco Pueblo and Newspaper Rock offer more than 600 petroglyphs and ancient Native American ruins.  The southern part of the park provides amazing views of badland formations at Blue Mesa, and a variety of petrified wood and agates.  No collection of petrified wood is allowed, the park enforces a strict zero tolerance policy and violators will be fined and arrested.

Activities:  top
A variety of ranger led activities are available during the summer months.  March is archeology month and a summer solstice program is held at Puerco Pueblo for about two weeks starting on June 21st.  You should call ahead for more information and a current schedule of events.

Children's Activities:  top
Painted Desert National Park does not have a Junior Ranger Program.

Hiking:  top

  • Rim Trail, 1/2 mile one way, easy

  • Painted Desert Wilderness, backcountry, easy to very strenuous

  • Blue Mesa Trail, one mile loop, improved, easy-moderate

  • Crystal Forest Trail, 3/4 mile loop, easy

  • Long Logs Trail, 1/2 mile loop, easy

  • Agate House Trail, 8/10 of a mile one way, easy

  • Giant Logs Trail, 2/5 of a mile loop, improved with stairs, easy

Mountain Biking:  top

  • Prohibited on trails

Equestrian:  top

  • Prohibited

Paddling:  top

  • none

Improved Camp Sites:  top

  • none

Backcountry Primitive Camping:  top

  • Free backcountry camping permits can be obtained at the Painted Desert Visitor Center.  Backcountry campers need to be aware there is no potable water anywhere in the park and no natural fuel for fires.  Gates to the park close in the evening so exit after hours is impossible.

Improved Shelters, Cabins:  top

  • None

Lodges or Motel Type Facilities:  top

  • None

Transportation:  top
Private vehicle and commercial tours only -- no public transportation

Major Airline Access:  top

  • Gallup, New Mexico, 65 miles east

  • Flagstaff, Arizona, 95 miles west

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico, 175 miles east

  • Phoenix, Arizona, 235 miles southwest

Accommodations:  top

  • Holbrook, Arizona, 19 miles west of the park on Interstate 40

  • Chambers, Arizona, 17 miles east of the park on Interstate 40

Food, Fuel, Shopping:  top

  • Holbrook, Arizona, multiple restaurants, stores, gas stations, motels and travel facilites

  • Chambers, Arizona, small gas station north of the interstate (the Exxon Station indicated on the highway is closed), single restaurant at the Best Western Chieftain Inn with a very small shop for the most basic needs

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