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 Devil's Tower National Monument

 Black Tail Prairie Dog, Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming, United States, copyright 1999, OutdoorPlaces.Com, all rights reserved
No visit to Devil's Tower National Monument is complete without stopping at the Prairie Dog Town.  Located less than a 1/2 mile west of the main entrance the town is circled by the Red Beds Trail to the north, the Valley View Trail to the east and south, and the South Rim Trail to the west.  Evidence of the town is visible from both sides of the road and these prodigious little diggers have holes everywhere, even coming through the pavement.

Recent studies of the prairie dog have indicated that they have a very complex society.  They spend most of their time on the lookout for predators and "bark" out a warning to their neighbors when they spot them.  Working as a team, they pass the warning on through the town.  Studies also indicate that the pitch and tone of the barks are associated to the level of the threat -- they may be smarter than we think!

Devil's Tower is home to about 150 different species of animals, including white tail deer, cottontail rabbits, mule dear, chipmunks, porcupines, skunk, bald eagles, vultures, hawks, and blue jays.  Remember not to approach wildlife as any animal can be unpredictable.  Even the seemingly harmless prairie dog can bite, and these underground dwellers are a host to a variety of diseases.

STOP AND THINK:  A fed prairie dog is a dead prairie dog.  They may be cute, and they may seem brave but feeding the black tail prairie dogs at Devil's Tower National Monument is the wrong thing to do.  Feeding them creates an association for humans and food, and also makes them fat - which makes an easy target for predators.  Although they make look harmless, prairie dogs carry a variety of human diseases, including plague, and bite.  Prairie dogs share their holes with black widow spiders and rattlesnakes, so make sure you don't put your hands in any of them.

Devil's Tower National Monument is a spectacular marvel to see.  More than just a stone formation made famous by a movie, Devil's Tower offers something for everyone.  Rock climbing, hiking, camping, entertaining activities, and spectacular views of the western United States awaits the traveler that dares to spend a little extra time, at America's first National Monument.

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