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 Ranger Led Activities, South Rim


There is a lot more to see and do at Grand Canyon National Park then hike, camp, and go sightseeing.  A wide number of ranger lead activities and other programs like horseback and mule rides await.  If you start digging into everything there is to do at the Grand Canyon, you will soon discover you could spend the rest of your life there, and not have seen every last corner.

South Rim View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States, Copyright 1999, OutdoorPlaces.Com, All Rights ReservedA variety of ranger led programs are available.  You can check the bulletin board located in the National Park Service Grand Canyon Visitor Center for a listing of daily topics, look in the park newsletter, or call (520) 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-3 for a listing of daily activities.  Be aware that activities can change without notice, but there is something for everyone at the South Rim.

Bad weather may cancel some or all of the programs.  The schedule below is provided to you so you can get an idea of the scope of program available at Grand Canyon National Park and does not reflect a year round program.  You can call (520) 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-3 to get an update on the daily programs.  The 2000 National Park Service Program at Grand Canyon National Park, for the Grand Canyon Village Area included:


Cedar Ridge Hike, Sunday through Saturday at 7:15 AM:  With a NPS ranger, descend 940 feet below the rim on the South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge.  This is a strenuous hike, sturdy shoes and at least one quart of water is required, a hat is strongly recommended.  Allow 3 to 4 hours to complete the program.  Catch the Kaibab Loop Shuttle Bus at the Bright Angel Lodge at 6:40 AM to arrive on time.

Alien Invaders, Tuesday & Wednesday at 8:30 AM:  With a NPS ranger help stop the invasion of feral (non-native) plants into Grand Canyon National Park.  Working with the Habitat Restoration Team activities may include digging out non-native plants or collecting seeds and cuttings.  Bringing one quart of water is required and a hat is strongly recommended.  Allow 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete this program.  For ages 5 to 105, meet in front of the National Park Grand Canyon Visitors Center.

Fossil Walk, Sunday through Saturday at 9:00 AM:  With a NPS ranger explore brachiopods and other marine creatures that thrived in this region when the Grand Canyon was under the ocean, 260 million years ago.  Allow 1 hour to complete this easy walk.  Meet on the patio behind the Bright Angel Lodge on the Canyon rim.

Way Cool Stuff For Kids, Sunday through Saturday, 10:00 AM:  Fun thing for kids to do with their parents.  A NPS ranger will guide you through an hour of discovery and fun in Grand Canyon National Park.  A very popular program, typically very crowded.  Meet in front of the National Park Grand Canyon Visitors Center.

Dynamic Earth, Sunday, Friday through Saturday, 10:00 AM:  Discover the forces that created Grand Canyon National Park.  Children ages 9 to 14 will complete all of their Junior Ranger requirements during this two hour program and earn their certificate and badge.  Sturdy shoes and at least one quart of water is required, a hat is strongly recommended.  Parents must accompany their children.  Allow 2 hours to complete the program and at least one hour to take the West Rim Loop Shuttle Bus to Hermits Rest.  You can catch the shuttle bus at the West Rim Interchange.  Meet under the bell and arch at the entrance to Hermits Rest.  If you catch the bus at 7:30 AM, you can take your time to explore the scenic overlooks on the way to Hermits Rest, but don't lose track of time.

Canyon Cultural Connections, Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM:  Learn about Native American life, culture, and beliefs in this amazing presentation.  Native American NPS rangers lead this program of values, history, story, and if you ask, song.  Allow for two hours to complete the program.  Meet in front of the National Park Grand Canyon Visitors Center.

Geology Walk  Explore why the Grand Canyon formed here in Arizona, and why it could not form anywhere else in the world.  This one hour walk is along a 3/4 mile section of the rim trail and is paved.  You should take at least one quart of water.  Meet at the Yavapai Observation Station near the bike rack.  Parking is very limited, and you should take the shuttle bus.

Rangers Choice, Sunday through Saturday, 1:00 PM:  Discover a variety of topics about the Grand Canyon.  This is a 60 minute program and to find out about today's topic you need to call (520) 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-2.  Meet in front of the National Park Grand Canyon Visitors Center.

On The Edge, Sunday through Saturday, 1:30 PM:  This program explores why the Grand Canyon has both enormous proportions and spectacular colors.  Learn why every other canyon in the world is a "bland" canyon when compared to the Grand Canyon.  If you can not remember enormous proportions, and spectacular colors, just remember, "big, pretty."  3/4 of a mile one-way on the paved West Rim Trail.  You should take at least one quart of water.  Opportunities to get off of the trail and closer to the canyons edge with a NPS ranger.  Meet at the flagpole on the rim side of the El Tovar Hotel -- incredible views.  A great program to do if you come up on the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams, Arizona train for a day.

Hands Of Time, Sunday through Saturday, 3:00 PM:  Explore incredible formations of the Grand Canyon during this geology talk.  This program lasts 30 minutes and you should meet in front of the Yavapai Observation Station, near the bicycle rack.  Parking will almost be impossible at that time of the day and it will be much easier to take the shuttle bus.

Experience The Kaibab Trail  This is a one mile hike down the South Kaibab Trail.  Incredible stories and breathtaking pre-sunset views await you on this ranger lead program.  Learn about the Canyon, climate, desert, and human survival in Grand Canyon.  One quart of water and sturdy shoes are required.  A hat is strongly recommended.  This is a strenuous hike and you should allow 2-1/2 hours to complete.  To arrive on time be sure to catch the Kaibab Loop Shuttle Bus at the Bright Angel Lodge by 4:40 PM.

Campfire Talk  Enjoy the evening at Grand Canyon National Park while sharing the friendship of your fellow visitors in the forested Sage Loop Campfire Circle.  A variety of topics on history, wildlife, nature, and culture.  The Native American legends is the best program!  Allow for one hour and make sure to bring a flashlight, a jacket, and insect repellant.  Take the path from the Mather Campground kiosk to the Sage Loop Campfire Circle, which will be to your left on the trail.  You can call you can call (520) 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-3 to find out what program will be going on.

Evening Program, Sunday through Saturday, 8:30 PM:  Travel on a virtual journey to Grand Canyon National Park on this program of movies, slides, and sing-a-longs.  A different program each night, you can call (520) 638-7888 and press 1-3-2-7-3 for more information.  While there be sure to look up at the incredible sky.  Very popular program so arrive early for best seating.  Be sure to bring a flashlight and a jacket.  Meet at the Mather Amphitheater located behind the visitors center.

Pleasures Of A Starry Sky, Sunday through Saturday, 9:00 PM, on selected evenings only close to the new moon:  The only thing more famous than the Grand Canyon itself is the starry skies above at night.  This one hour program explores the Milky Way and the wonders of the summer night sky over Grand Canyon National Park.  Allow 1 hour for the program.  Make sure to bring a jacket and a flashlight.  Meet at Maher Point on the Rim Trail.