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Grand Canyon National Park - OutdoorPlaces.Com
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 Horseback & Mule Rides, South Rim


Mule Rides from the South Rim are arranged through AmFac Parks & Resorts by calling (303) 297-2757, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time.  Two programs are offered.  A two day program goes to the Colorado river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and spends the night at the Phantom Ranch.  A one day program that goes partially down the trail is also available.

Grand Canyon National Park, Stock Photograph, ClickArt, Broderbund SoftwareMule trips can be reserved up to 11 months in advance and book up early.  A waiting list is available but cancellations rarely happen.  There are restrictions to go on a mule ride in the Grand Canyon through the National Park Service, you must not weigh more than 200 lbs., must be at least 4'7" tall, understand English, and cannot be visibly pregnant.

 Sunrise & Sunset, South Rim  

Whomever said the best things in life aren't free has never seen the sunrise or sunset at Grand Canyon National Park.  Sunrise and Sunset times can be found in the National Park newsletter or on the bulletin board at the National Park Service Grand Canyon Visitors Center.  Make sure to arrive about 90 minutes before the sunrise or the sunset to get a good spot and to catch the full experience.  To ask the question, which time is better is futile.  The views of the canyon changes with the position of the sun, and the same vista will provide unique views at either time.  Make sure to bring a jacket as it will be cool in the morning, or become cool in the evening.  If you watch a sunset make sure to bring a flashlight and be familiar with the trail coming back out.

 Stargazing, South Rim  

Grand Canyon National Park is famous for it's night skies.  It is debatable if the best time to be at the Grand Canyon is during a full moon or a new moon.  On nights with a new moon, you will easily be able to see the Milky Way leaving it's hazy trail across the night sky.  The clarity on clear nights is breathtaking.  On nights with a full moon, you can drive out to Grandview Point and walk down the short path.  If you bring a flashlight respect your fellow stargazers and keep the light pointed low to the ground and be quiet.  Don't park your car north facing the canyon at the trailhead as you will blast the people at the overlook with your headlights.

Let your eyes adjust to the low light of the moon and gaze at the canyon.  The moonlight casts an eerie light on the landscape giving it an ethereal appearance.  After about 30 minutes, you will be convinced you could walk without your flashlight to the Canyon floor. (but I wouldn't try it).  Experts in photography with the proper equipment can get incredible photographs.  Make sure to bring a flashlight and a jacket (although on nights with a full moon you should be able to walk back out without your flashlight).