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Alabama Destination Guide - OutdoorPlaces.Com

Major Air Service Alabama Guide - OutdoorPlaces.Com

 Highways & Airports of Alabama, Copyright 1999, OutdoorPlaces.Com, All Rights Reserved
Although Alabama does have a number of commercial airports, generally speaking air service is limited when compared to some of it's neighbors like Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.  Direct flights to Alabama are only going to be found in a few cities within the United States.  Out of the cities with air service, only Birmingham has an international airport (or national airport for that matter).  Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville are all served by regional airports.  Pensacola, which is in Florida at the northern most tip of the Florida panhandle is serviced by an airport, and is only ten miles from the Alabama border.

Alabama's northern half is very well served by the United States Interstate Highway system.  US Interstate 20, 59 and 65 connect most major cities.  Only the southeastern part of the state is poorly served.  Alabama State Highway 231 heads southeast out of Montgomery and exits the state in the far southeastern corner.  The large cluster of state and national parks in the northeast corner are the most accessible.

Rules Of The Road In Alabama - OutdoorPlaces.Com

Interstate Speed Limit:  65 MPH in most parts of the state
Child Seats:  Children under six (6) years old must be in an approved car seat or booster seat
Seatbelts:  All passengers are required to wear seatbelts
Liability Insurance:  Is not required in the state of Alabama
Studded Snow Tires/Tire Chains:  Studded snow tires are prohibited, tire chains are not required under any conditions or any time within the state
Overnight Parking:  Prohibited at all rest areas
Other Regulations:  Right turn on red is allowed throughout the state unless otherwise posted.  It is a state regulation in Alabama that headlights are to be on if windshield wipers are in use.
Road Conditions:  (334) 242-4378 or Alabama D.O.T.
Cellular Emergency Hot Line:  *HP
Special Considerations:  Because Alabama does not require liability insurance, make sure you have uninsured/under insured coverage before driving in the state.  If you do not have this coverage and you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist, you have no recourse with exception of civil suit to recover losses or damages.

Although Alabama is not known for ice or snow, Alabama highways can get what is called, "Florida ice."  Florida ice is formed when there is an extended period of warm humid weather.  A thin film of road grime containing a lot of oils from both cars and the pavement forms on the road.  During the first 20 to 40 minutes of a rainstorm, this film floats on top of the water on the highway, creating a slippery situation as bad if not worse than any icy road the northern states can deal out.  The best advice when driving in the rain in Alabama, spread out, slow down, leave room for braking, especially if you are pulling a trailer.

Rules When Trailering In Alabama - OutdoorPlaces.Com

Interstate Speed Limit:  same as passenger vehicles
Prohibited From Left Lane/Passing Lane:  No specific restrictions
Riding In Trailers:  Prohibited in the state of Alabama, riding is allowed in truck campers
Overnight Parking:  Prohibited in all rest areas
Trailer Brakes:  If trailer is in excess of 3,000 pounds, brakes are required
Flares:  If trailer is in excess of 3,000 pounds, flares are required
Break-Away Switch:  If trailer is in excess of 3000 pounds, switch is required
Maximum Length:  Without a permit for two vehicles (tow vehicle in trailer or RV and trailer), 57', for three vehicles (tow vehicle, trailer and trailer or RV, trailer and trailer), 65'
Maximum Width:   Without a permit the maximum width is 102"
Special Considerations:  No special considerations above common courtesy are needed when trailering in Alabama.
For More Information:  Department of Public Safety, 500 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama, 36130

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