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Telluride, Colorado - OutdoorPlaces.Com

 Telluride, Colorado, Backcountry

Not only does Telluride have 60 miles of "local trails," over 110 miles of trails surround the area.  Whether you hike, mountain bike, or plan to take a 4-wheel drive jeep, opportunities for adventure are almost limitless in this mountain paradise.

The San Juan Mountains, Copyright 1999 OutdoorPlaces.Com, All Rights ReservedDeep Creek Trail - 6.5 miles one way, 2,500 foot elevation change, difficult trail, many forks, poorly marked, navigation experience required, a guide is recommended:  Trailhead is located on the north end of Aspen Street in Telluride.  Cross the bridge over Deep Creek and then take a right onto the Deep Creek Trail.  This trail is famous for it's aspen trees, elk and deer herds, and panoramic views.  The trail is poorly marked, so navigational skill is highly recommended.  This trail is open to mountain bikes.

Galloping Goose Trail - 20.6 miles one way, 1,580 foot elevation change, moderate difficulty:  Trailhead is located West of Telluride on Highway 145 and Lawson Hill Society Drive.  Follow the old railroad bed to Ilium Valley.  When you come to the road take a right and then turn left over the bridge to Sunshine Mesa.  When you come to the first switchback you can continue straight on the trail back to the old railroad bed which will take you to Ames on Colorado Highway 145.  This trail is open to mountain bikes.

Rocky Mountain Trail, Telluride, Colorado, Copyright 1999, OutdoorPlaces.Com, All Rights ReservedOphir Pass Trail - 6 miles one way, 2,500 foot elevation change, moderate difficulty:  To access the trail take Colorado Highway 145 south for eight miles out of Telluride.  turn left onto an unmarked dirt road.  Four-wheel drive is required so be cautious advancing up the road before hiking.  Road continues through Ophir and above the timberline to over 12,750 feet.  You can then take the road back to Ophir or continue east to Colorado Highway 550, also known as the San Juan Skyway.  This trail is accessible to mountain bikes.

Wilson Mesa Trail - 13 miles one way, up to 3,700 foot elevation change, moderate difficulty:  The Trailhead is accessed by driving 14 miles west of Telluride on Colorado Highway 145.  Turn left on Fall Creek Road and follow for 7-3/4 miles to the trailhead.  The trail loops around the Wilson Mesa at the foot of Wilson Peak and Wilson Mountain (of the Coors brewery fame).  Also allows access to the Lizard Head Trail which heads south to Lizard Head Pass, well south of Telluride and back onto Colorado Highway 145.

When hiking in Telluride you need to be aware that you are in a semi-alpine environment.  Hypothermia is a real threat, even in the summertime.  Make sure you are adequately prepared for your hike and have warm clothing.  Also make sure to leave word with a responsible party of your plans if you are hiking alone.  If you visit Telluride Sports, located on 150 West Colorado Avenue (970) 728-4477 you can buy a hiking certificate for just one dollar.  In the event of a search and rescue, you will not be held financially liable for the costs involved in your rescue and treatment.  It's a very small price to pay for a lot of piece of mind.

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