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 Clickable Map - South Rim Trails, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

 South Rim Yellowstone Canyon Country Trails & Important Features
South Rim Trail
Lily Pad Lake Trail
Clear Lake Trail
Ribbon Lake Trail
Wapiti Lake Trail
Uncle Tom's
Artist Point
Point Sublime
Lily Pad Lake
Clear Lake
 Trail Summary

South Rim Trail
  Partially paved, 3-1/4 miles long one way.  Easy to moderate, with some short strenuous areas.  Excellent views of Lower Falls, Artist Point, Point Sublime and Yellowstone Canyon

Lily Pad Lake Trail:  Improved trail, 3/10 of a mile long one way.  Easy.  Connects Clear Lake Trail and Ribbon Lake Trail to the South Rim Trail.  Trailhead register.  Backcountry views, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, Lily Pad Lake, bear country protocol

Clear Lake Trail:  Improved trail, 2-1/4 mile long.  Easy to moderate.  Connects Lily Pad Lake Trail to South Rim Trail at Uncle Tom's Trailhead.  Yellowstone thermal area, mud pots, steam vents, Clear Lake is emerald green thermal lake, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, bear country protocol

Ribbon Lake Trail:  Improved trail, 3/4 of a mile long.  Easy to moderate.  Connects at Lily Pad Lake Trailhead and ends at Silver Cord Cascade.  Backcountry views, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, Silver Cord Cascade, Yellowstone Canyon, bear country protocol

Wapiti Lake Trail:  Maintained trail, in excess of 10 miles one way.  Backcountry trail.  Connects at Uncle Tom's Trailhead and heads east, connecting to Clear Lake Trail, and passes south of Ribbon Lake.  Backcountry views, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, solitude, bear country protocol.  Connects to the Howard Eaton Trail, the Tern Lake Trail, and the Pelican Creek Trail.  Backcountry hikes through to Yellowstone Lake are possible on these routes.  None of these trails were effected by the 1988 fires.  Numerous thermal features west of Fern Lake at the eastern end of the Wapiti Lake Trail.  Refer to the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map of Yellowstone National Park for more detail.

Lily Pad Lake:  Small pond on Lily Pad Lake Trail.  Just south of trailhead register.  Scenic woodland view.  Excellent opportunity to view wildlife.  Water is not potable.

Clear Lake:  Thermal lake near several thermal features to the east of the lake.  Emerald Green in color from minerals leeching.  Water is not potable and can not be filtered.  Lake occasionally can overflow onto trail.

Artist Point:  One of the most famous locations in Yellowstone, spectacular view of the Lower Falls on Yellowstone River in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  Very crowded during peak season.

Uncle Tom's:  Three-hundred step walkway down to viewing platform of the Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.  Trail is usually wet, caution should be applied during the morning hours, and in spring and fall due to ice.  Trail can be closed due to weather.  Wearing shoes with good traction is critical.  Strenuous climb to this point.

Point Sublime:  Eastern most destination on the South Rim Trail.  Spectacular canyon views of surreal scenes and colors.  A short 4/10 of a mile walk to the Lily Pad Lake Trailhead.  Very few people venture this far down the trail.