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 Hiking Trailhead


 Ten Fall Hiking Tips

Some people may hang their boots up until spring but some of the best hiking of the year is waiting. There are far fewer people, more wildlife to see, including migrating birds, and the cool air means you will have an easier time on the trail. Here are ten tips that will make your time trekking even more enjoyable.  Read about it NOW! 

 Bear Encounters

Hiking in bear country requires some careful planning and preparation to have a safe and fun time.  You have a much higher chance of dying in a flood or being hit by lightning than getting mauled by a bear.  Learn about hiking in bear country.  Read about it NOW! 

 Ice Safety

The coldest months of the year turn rivers, lakes and ponds into solid playgrounds for winter sport. Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skating, ice fishing, and snowmobiling are all very popular activities when ice forms, but there is a hidden danger just under your feet...  Read about it NOW! 

 Snowshoe Basics

It is finally here!  From the Black Hills of South Dakota to the high plateau of Utah. From the Sierras in California to the Olympics in Washington, from the mesas of New Mexico to the might peaks of the Colorado Fourteeners, snow is falling across the country.  Hiking season isn't over, it has just begun!  Read about it NOW! 

 Mystery Of Layers Revealed

A critical component of enjoying hiking (or its wintertime cousin snow shoeing) in the colder months is wearing the right clothes. Although our forefathers climbed mighty peaks and explored the arctic reaches wearing cotton, fur, wool and leather, new synthetic materials available today can do the same job more efficiently and with far less bulk.  Read about it NOW! 

 Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Guide

For most people these annoying plants cause some concern.  An encounter with poison ivy, or its cousins poison oak and poison sumac, can ruin a trip or make you wish a few days later you never went.  Even though it is fall dead poison ivy leaves can leave you scratching.  Learn how to identify these plants and prevent a rash from forming in the first place.  Read about it NOW! 

 Stop Bugging Me!

Some of us have a unique gift, we can walk through a mosquito infested forest and not get a single bite.  For the other 99.9% of us that get eaten alive, find out how to keep the flying masses away when outdoors.  Read about it NOW! 

 Essential Hiking Equipment

Day hiking can be risky business if you don't have the right equipment.  Unlike the backcountry camper, who has a virtual home on their back, the ill-equipped day hiker can get in to trouble fast.  Learn about the twelve essential pieces of hiking equipment, and eleven others that are nice to have.  Read about it NOW! 

 Heat Related Injuries

Dehydration can suck the life out of you while out on the trail.  Turn up the heat and heat exhaustion or sun stroke can become a life threatening emergency.  Learn about the symptoms of heat related injuries and what you can do to prevent them.  Read about it NOW! 

 Our Top Ten Hiking Foods

Our editorial staff came up with our top ten favorite foods for day hiking. When we made our list the factors we considered were weight, preparation time, trash generated, how durable the food is when stored, price, and finally taste. We strongly recommend carrying a variety of our top ten favorites to spice up your trip. So for your consideration, here is our top ten list of favorite foods to eat while out on a day hike.  Read about it NOW! 

 Youth Group Safety

In Colorado, a three year old toddler is allowed to play hide and go seek while on a church group outing and he is never seen again.  In New Hampshire five young adults spend a harrowing night on the Franconia Ridge in blizzard conditions.  None of them have winter clothing or overnight gear, and one is in sneakers  Incredibly they survive the night, but all five have frostbite.  Do you know who is watching your kids when they go on an outdoor adventure?  Read about it NOW! 

 Watch Your Step
For many the act of hiking is a rather simple feat (no pun intended) of putting one foot in front of the other, but did you know how you're trekking can affect how tired you get, if you get blisters, and how far you can go in a day? Different terrain and trail conditions require different footwear and a variety of techniques. Our team of outdoors experts got together to discuss a variety of combinations, and the best technique to tackling them...  Read about it NOW! 


What do you call a tourist who has absolutely no common sense?  There is a private word for them in outdoor circles, they're called tourons.  Learn the history of the word and how to prevent being labeled one.  Read about it NOW!