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 Gear Guide


 New and Improved Gear Guide! - New!

We've made it easier to find the information you are looking for in our new and improved Gear Guide!  Easier navigation, new categories, new features, improved care guides, and more!

 Equipment Checklists

Wondering what to bring on that next outdoor adventure?  From a simple day hike to a backcountry experience, from paddling to car camping and everything in between we have a printable equipment checklist to fit your needs.  Go there NOW! 

 Care Guides - New!

Having the best gear you can afford isn't enough, without proper care your critical gear can fail you when you need it the most.  Learn how to care for all of your gear so you can get years of service.  Go there NOW! 

 Buying Guides

Buying outdoor gear can be confusing.  So many prices, options, materials and features, it can be hard to make the right decision.  We try to make sense of it all with our comprehensive buying guides.  From boots to sleeping bags to tents we clear up the mysteries and help you make the right decision for your needs.  Go there NOW! 

 Backpack Guide

With so many features and uses, the humble backpack gets it's own section.  From picking the right pack for your needs, fitting to your torso size, packing it right, and even a guide on child carriers, we'll help you get your gear there in comfort.  Go there NOW! 

 Car Camping Gear Guide

Some may turn their nose up to car camping but it allows you to bring many luxuries with you into the outdoors you could never take on a backpacking trip.  From catalytic heaters to portable DVD players we have the information on how to make your car camping trips comfortable.  Go there NOW! 

 Featured Stories


 Grill2Go - The Mac Daddy Of Portable Grills -

After a late night at work I found myself in front of the television channel surfing when I came across an infomercial. Usually infomercials make a great sleep aid but this one really caught my eye and the next morning I was begging my assignment editor to buy one of these for review. The product is the Thermos® Grill2Go™ and it just may be one of the best products we've seen for car camping in the last five years.  Read more NOW! 

 Taste Of The Outdoors

You know you have been thinking about it.  That TV ad showing a kayak carving a path through wild whitewater is calling you.  But what if you don't like kayaking?  Find out some tricks to get a taste of a wide variety of outdoor adventures before spending thousands of hard earned dollars.  Read about it NOW!