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Car Camping Luxuries - OutdoorPlaces.Com



 Car Camping Luxuries


If you go car camping you have the special benefit of being able to carry a lot more gear than a backpacker. Of course larger stoves, bigger tents, chairs, board games, and the king sized lantern find their way into the average persons car camping gear locker, there are a lot of luxury items out there to make your time communing with the outdoors even more luxurious.

Travel Chair Tripler - Why leave the couch at home when you can take it with you? The Travel Chair Tripler is portable seating for three. Weighing 23 pounds you sure aren't going to take it very far with you. If you have a larger group consider getting the matching love seat with seating for two. The Tripler costs $75 and the Arm Bench for two people costs $55.

Basic Designs Super Sun Shower II - Designed to absorb the heat from the sun, the five gallon bag can heat cool water to a toasty 110 degrees in just three hours. With the hose and showerhead you can get clean no matter where you are, even if the campground you are at doesn't have a shower. Of course if you want privacy you can also get a shower enclosure. The two separate pieces cost $20 for the shower, and another $28 for the enclosure.

Eureka Condo Tent - This is the ultimate tent for car camping. Twenty feet long, 10-1/2 feet wide, eight feet high, two separate rooms with enough space for nine to twelve people. With more windows, doors, vents, and flaps than you can image, UV protected, reinforced for bad weather and a bathtub designed floor to keep the moisture out. The Eureka Condo has a condo-sized price; you can have the mother of all tents for your next car camping trip for $899.

Coleman Propane Grillin' Griddle - Why try and cook that big breakfast in a cast iron skillet when you can cook it on a massive propane powered griddle. Taking the Coleman two burner stove one step further, the griddle top allows you to cook pancakes, sausages, bacon, or even grill cheese sandwiches for an army in almost no time. The griddle is equipped with a grease trap making cleanup a snap and it uses the standard green propane canisters. Expect to pay $50.

Coleman Powercat Catalytic Heater - Why be cold in the morning? The Coleman Powercat produces 3,000 BTU's of radiant heat that will warm up all but the largest of tents. The safe catalytic heater can be used indoors with proper supervision and ventilation, and the Powercat comes with a fan powered by D-Cell batteries to circulate the heat. Warmth for your tent can be purchased for about $80.

Roll-A-Cot - Why sleep on the ground or on an air mattress. The Roll-A-Cot is durable, easy to setup, packs down to nothing and weighs just ten pounds. Adjustable suspension accommodates a number of firmness options and the tough fabric can accept hefty campers up to 300 pounds. Nighttime comfort can be had for just $60.

GSI Lexan Wine Glass Gift Set - If you're going to bring wine with you into the outdoors why drink from a tin cup or the bottle, how uncivilized! The folks over at GSI have solved this problem with durable Lexan wine glasses. Almost indestructible, the set comes with four glasses, a corkscrew and bottle opener, and a fleece bag to hold it all. Grey Poupon holder is extra but you can have campsite luxury for $30.

MSR Deluxe Ten Liter Dromedary Bag - Most campsites don't have a faucet at each site, but common faucets at strategic locations. If you don't have a way of moving water to your campsite, you're going to be spending a lot of time running back and forth, and it's a social taboo to wash your dishes at the faucet. Enter the dromedary bag. With over 2-1/2 gallons of capacity, the durable bag offers more versatility than a collapsible five-gallon jug. The MSR Dromedary Bag can be pressed into backcountry service, can accommodate an optional shower attachment and is tough as nails. You can have an almost limitless supply of water for your campsite for around $30.

Travelers Compact Coffee Grinder - No, it isn't the battery powered model that sent the cattle on a stampede in the movie, City Slickers, but it is the next best thing. This compact coffee grinder is powered by hand and produces enough ground up beans to make for to six cups. You can set the grind from fine, to espresso to coarse for a French press. You can have fresh ground coffee every morning for $19

Panasonic DVDLV75 Portable DVD Player - With a seven inch 16:9 screen, Dolby 5.1 digital surround sound, and 3-1/2 hour battery life, you can bring the movies with you to the woods. Why live through Deliverance when you can watch it? Of course all of this power packed technology comes at a price, and it is a steep one. If you want the portable theater experience at your campsite be ready to spend $1,300.