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Gear Guide Cookware Buying Guide, OutdoorPlaces.Com



OutdoorPlaces.Com Cookware Buying Gear Guide


Picking The Right Cookware


Black Exterior Finish

A black exterior finish offers several advantages over other pots.  First it is easier to clean, as your cookware is used some staining from soot is inevitable.  The black outside finish helps hide this accumulation over time.  Second a black exterior absorbs more heat, boosting cooking times.  Because the finish is coated or sprayed on, continued abuse in the field can scratch the finish.

Baking Oven

Some pots can serve double duty as a baking oven.  A tight fitting lid and non-stick finish is a must when considering pots to serve this kind of double duty.  Donít try using a standard pot for baking in a field oven; you will get less than desired results.

Non-stick Finish

Non-stick coatings are finding their way into camping cookware.  Allowing for easy cleanup and aiding in the making of perfect pancakes, a non-stick finish on the inside is very desirable when out in the field.  Make sure there are no disclaimers on the cookware about using metal utensils while cooking that will scratch the surface.  The latest generation of materials is tough as nails and can take some scraping in the field.

Nesting Pots

This is a must have with a cookware sets.  Pots that nest one into each other take up far less room in your pack for efficient space.  If your cookware set comes with lids and or a pot grabber, they should also nest neatly together.

Storage Bag

Cookware sets that have storage bags help keep all those little bits neatly together in your pack.

Pot Design

Pots that are designed with rounded bottoms should be given special consideration.  Bottoms that have been rounded cook more evenly, are easier to stir and easier to clean. Rounded bottom pots are a must have when looking at sets that can serve as an oven in the field.  Pots should be thick and have lipped rims.  Thicker material with lips on the rims is more durable and wonít warp if it gets overheated.  If youíre using a set with a pot grabber, a lipped rim is an absolute must.  If the rim doesnít have anything for the grabber to bite into, the pot can slip off, dumping dinner on the ground.