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Gear Guide Cookware Buying Guide, OutdoorPlaces.Com



 OutdoorPlaces.Com Cookware Buying Gear Guide


 Picking The Right Cookware


If the cookware set you are looking at is measured in liters, don't worry.  A quart is just slightly smaller than a liter, so the measures for this guide are interchangeable.

Less Than 1 Quart

Pots that are less than one quart can only serve limited use.  A one quart pot can only hold about three cups, so a pot that is say 3/4 of a quart might be able to hold about two cups.  Good enough for a personal cup of coffee or a small amount of soup, stews or beans.

1 Quart

Use a one-quart pot when traveling solo.  Good for boiling water for coffee, heating up soup, oatmeal, most small cans of food, or making most freeze dried meals for one.  A great size if you need not water fast.  Donít use a one-quart pot for cooking rice or pasta.  There wonít be enough water to absorb the starch and the resulting sticky mess will be, well yuck!

1.5 Quart

Obviously can do everything a one-quart pot can do and more.  This is a good size for cooking rice or pasta for a couple of people.  This is also good for simmering a stew or more elaborate meal in the field.

2 Quart

Can do everything a one-quart and 1.5 quart pot can do and more.  A good size if your are cooking for two to four people.  This is a perfect size for boiling a larger amount of pasta or rice.  This is also a very good size for heating up several freeze-dried meals at the same time.

3 Quart

This is a great size if you are with a larger group or car camping with the family.  Capable of boiling large amounts of pasta slow cooking a big stew or soup.  If your going into the backcountry, you will probably want to leave this one at home.

More Than 3 Quart

Probably over kill, especially if you are in the backcountry.  If you are going to steam clams, oysters or crabs while ocean camping or other bulky foods that require a lot of water to boil or steam this might be handy.