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For The Person With Everything - OutdoorPlaces.Com



 For Someone With Everything...


Maybe you have that special someone on your list that has everything for the outdoors. If you were to explore their house you would find gear for all four seasons, multiple tents, multiple sleeping bags, snowshoes or cross country skis, a canoe or a kayak. If you have an outdoors fanatic like that on your Christmas shopping list don't despair, there are plenty of outdoor gadgets you can get that will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Suunto Vector Wristop Computer Watch - At $199 it definitely isn't the cheapest present under the tree but for the active mountaineer in your life it is a gift that will be guaranteed to please. A combination of a watch, barometric altimeter, compass, and thermometer, the Suunto is an entire package that fits on your wrist. The quality, durability and accuracy are legendary allowing the user to track progress, predict the weather and find their way through the harshest terrain.

Motorola Talk About 250 Two Way Radio - Just a few years ago to get this much communication power into your hands you would have been required to take hours of classes, get a radio operators license, and spend hundreds of dollars. With the creation of the Family Radio Service, two-way UHF communication can now sit in the palm of your hand. With a range of two miles it is an ideal way to stay in touch with your base camp while trekking for water or on an explore. Under very ideal conditions people have communicated one hundred miles away. The Motorola Talk About 250 can be purchased for around $70 each.

Garmin eTrex Summit GPS - This is the mother of all GPS receivers on the market. Weighing about five ounces and just a little larger than a pack of cigarettes, the Garmin eTrex has all the functionality of a GPS with the accuracy of a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass built into one package. With five carefully placed buttons, you can use it with just one hand. You can find one for around $250.

Brunton Eterna 10 X 25 Waterproof Compact Binoculars - If you could make a list of everything a backpacker or hiker would want in binoculars these would probably top the list. Waterproof and fogproof, nitrogen filled, UV coated optics, rubberized armored case, neoprene holder that allows viewing through the binoculars, even in the case, and weighing just 12 ounces. With a 10X zoom and a 260 feet field of view at 1,000 yards, these compact binoculars can be purchased for $230.

Oregon Scientific Portable S.A.M.E. Radio - For $70 this is a powerful little weather radio built for the outdoors. Rugged waterproof construction and compact size make it ideal. The receiver checks all seven National Weather Service frequencies for weather warnings and has both an audible alarm and blinking indicator light. The backlit radio also has a clock with an alarm.

Leatherman Crunch Tool - At $98 this the pocket tool to have. Weighing less than six ounces it is a pocket sized tool kit with a twist. Not only does the Crunch have pliers, it is the only pocket tool in the world that has locking pliers, freeing up your hands while doing field repairs. Of course it also comes with a wide variety of blades and accessories with the famous bulletproof Leatherman quality.

Mountainsmith Dog Pack I, II or III - If that person on your gift list has a dog they take with them into the outdoors consider getting them a dog pack. Designed to fit dogs from 25 pounds and up depending on the model, mans best friend can be pressed into service carrying his own gear, or a few bits for the master. The bright red packs make it easier to see your pal out on the trail and maximizes those four legs. From $60 to $80 depending on the size and model you select.

National Geographic Maps Topo! Full State Series Software - If your outdoors lover is into maps and has a computer, this is the best package money can buy. National coverage of USGS Quad topographical maps with a massive trails database and access to exclusive online information. The software now has support for a number of GPS models, including the Garmin eTrex, allowing users to upload routes and maps to their GPS, or download waypoints and routes into the software for safe keeping. Updated constantly and new trails featured each week on the National Geographic website. The software can be purchased from a number of retail outlets or through National Geographic for $199.

Crazy Creek Camp Chair - If your gift recipient is into lightweight backpacking we'd recommend picking something else from our list. A camp chair is certainly a luxury but for those willing to carry the 18 ounces of weight, it is a luxury worth having. The small folding chair is portable and allows you to lounge in comfort at your favorite backcountry site off of the ground and with firm back support. Backcountry camping comfort to the extreme can be found for $38.

National Parks Pass - Have a lover of the outdoors that lives near a National Park or travels a lot? The National Park Pass from the US National Park Service may be just the ticket for someone who has everything. For $50 the bearer is entitled to free access to all 379 National Parks and many other federally controlled outdoor destinations. You can purchase the pass online at the National Park website and they guarantee to have it there by Christmas if you purchase by December 14, 2000.

Good luck on your quest to find the perfect present!