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Grill2Go - Reviewed By OutdoorPlaces.Com
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 Try Before You Buy


The next morning the grill was fired up again for an even more complex menu, bacon, eggs over medium, and toast. It was below 40 degrees and very damp when we tried to light the grill, and although the igniter was producing a good spark, the grill wouldn't light. We had to match light the unit and it was very safe and easy to do.

After the grill warmed up we learned about the importance of the built in level. Sitting on a slight incline our first two eggs raced to the left when placed on the grill and the yokes broke. Oh well, who likes over hard? Leveling blocks are included and we were able to get things on a flatter plane. The remaining eggs came out perfectly on the griddle section, as good if not better than in our own homes. Buttering one side of a piece of bread and grilling it made the toast. Butter was melted on the griddle and the flipped bread was placed on the melting butter. Beyond perfection wouldn't adequately describe the toast, it was the best we have ever had car camping and it was made in under two minutes.

The bacon was cooked on the grill section and it was a dream to do. Normally cooking bacon on a cold morning is going to generate a lot of grease that will be next to impossible to clean. By the time you're done eating the grease has turned into white clumps that coats everything unless you have access to boiling hot water and strong soap. With the Grill2Go™ the bacon was cooked raised on the grill so the grease was channeled away into the trap. The downside to this was we got an education on just how much grease comes out of a pound of bacon. Memo to self, low-fat ham steaks on the next test-drive.

Our first conclusions on the Grill2Go™ are extremely positive. Trying to cook over medium eggs on an unfamiliar stove and an untested cooking surface is a brave act, and the grill passed in flying colors. Although we have some product quality concerns the Grill2Go™ delivered on its main promise. It was portable, it was easy to setup, use and clean, it offered big gas grill features in a small package, and it cooked great food. We would estimate that a family of four would use one disposable propane canister a day in preparing three meals with fuel left over for the lantern, down right incredible performance.

At $149 the Grill2Go™ is almost double the price of its smaller cousins that do similar tasks (with a lot less features). However if you have a cultured palate and you're beyond burning hotdogs over an open fire, the Grill2Go™ will allow you to create culinary delicacies at the campsite that will leave your neighbors drooling. For more information you can visit the Thermos website at http://www.grill2go.com.

Editor's Update - long term testing: OutdoorPlaces.Com has lived with the Grill2Go™ for almost six months now and it has become one of the most popular items in our gear locker. We have copious reviewers notes and almost all of it is positive. Our concern about the durability of the grill appears to be unfounded. The unit has held up extremely well and has been frequently buried under piles of gear. Most notes praise the ease of use, the outstanding quality of food cooked on the grill, easy cleanup and efficiency. Most complaints range around the electric igniter, which one reviewer called, "utterly worthless."  Others wished that an optional griddle section that replaces the grill and/or side burner was available.

As time goes by our love affair with the Grill2Go™ has only gotten stronger. If you're looking for the Mac daddy of camping grills, this is the Lexus, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Porsche of portable grills all rolled into one. Just make sure you bring some matches.