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 Awards & Kudos


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September 1999

Suite 101 - Recreation - Recreational - Camping In The USA
Top Five Web Sites

October 1999

About.Com - Best Of The Web

December 1999

ABC Award
ABC's of Parenting, 3 Star Site (which they tell us is pretty darn good)

January 2000

Cyberhikes Award For Pick of the Day Hiking Web Site
Cyberhikes - Pick Of The Day

Six Pack To Go featured site, January 30, 2000.  "...six of the very best sites on the World Wide Web each and every day."

February 2000

Netscape Netcenter What's Cool Site, February 1 - 7, 2000.  Content rated at 9, Web Design rated at 8

Green Hills Net, Top Picks, Best of the Net, February 2000

Cyber-Teddy People Choice Award 

March 2000

As featured in Jane Magazine

"...OutdoorPlaces.Com is another excellent site to stop by in your search for what to do outside. My favorite little feature is their secret places list, where they list such exotic locations as Chesterfield, Idaho (that sounds like an exciting place!), Garretson, South Dakota, and Telluride, Colorado. Other features include Finding an Ideal Campsite (their motto: A good campsite is found, not made) and Hiking in Bear Country. Other little interesting nuggets here include such vital information as to what do you if you're lost! You might be surprised to know that their first rule for avoiding panic and becoming further lost is to "hug a tree..."

As featured in the Sports & Recreation newsletter of LifeMinders.com!

April 2000

OutdoorPlaces.Com has earned the BotWeb Seal Of Approval
"...presenting you with sites that are the Best Of The WEB..."

Top Ten Camping Websites
Ranked #3

Webmasters comment - PlanetClick.Com is "dot gone."

May 2000

Rated "cool" by RUSure.Com

As featured in Briefme

June 2000

TopSitesLinks.Com - Top 100 US Recreation Sites - Ranked Number 68

July 2000

Backwire Best of the Web Outdoors Category

Go.Com rated "Best Website in Category"

September 2000

October 2000

AmericasBest.Com - Number One In Both Hiking and Camping Category

 In The News


January 2000

Featured on What's Online, during the Live@Five program on NBC affiliate KTIV, TV Channel 4, Sioux City, Iowa, January 26, 2000

December 2000

Northwest Cable News Logo
Featured by Northwest Cable News on News Links for Snowshoeing during December of 2000.

NBC Channel 16

Featured by NBC affiliate WNDU, TV Channel 16, Fort Wayne, Indiana, December 20, 2000 (they got the name of our site wrong - but the link is right so we'll forgive them)

March 2001

Featured in the print edition of the Washington Post on March 25, 2001, Travel, Section E, Page 15.

"...Many Web sites promote adventure travel packages, but not all offer practical information on trips in a specific region. Here are a few that do just that.."