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We want to provide you with the very best web experience when looking for information or e-commerce for your next hiking, camping or paddling trip.

We want to promote hiking, camping cycling, and paddling as an excellent source of physical and mental exercise for all walks of life.  It does not matter if you are young or old, weak or strong, conditioned or maybe spent a little too much time on the couch.  We want you to believe that going to outdoor places is an equal opportunity sport.  We plan to execute this mission by meeting the four most basic needs that the modern hiker, camper cycler, or paddler has today when on the web:

  • Easy access to information on national, state and local parks within the United States, including vital rates and contact information, and the ability to make travel arrangements, view weather, and get easy access to purchase specific books, maps, and videos for your destination when available.

  • Accurate and unbiased reviews of the latest hiking, camping, cycling and paddling equipment.  It is our mission to provide you this information whether your budget supports the local department store, or the best equipment that money can buy.

  • Exciting information and features on the latest news, the best places to visit, recipes, and stories from the great outdoors by clients, just like you.   We also seek to educate the beginner so they can have a good introduction to the outdoors and not get themselves in trouble.

  • Finally, a comprehensive on-line store to meet all of your needs in one location.  Travel arrangements, books, maps, videos, and the latest outdoor equipment.  We know you don't know who we are, so we are working today to bring you the best in e-commerce from names you trust.  We want to be your source for all of your needs.

If we can educate even one person on the wonders of visiting the thousands of outdoor places in the United States, then we at OutdoorPlaces.Com will consider our mission a success.