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OutdoorPlaces.Com is committed to respecting your privacy.  This document outlines the practices of OutdoorPlaces.Com in regards to your privacy:

We use your domain information to gather broad demographic information about who is visiting our web site.  We use an outside company to track client activity while on the web site on which pages are visited in which sequence.  OutdoorPlaces.Com does not employ the use of cookies to track or gather information about our visitors.  Our affiliates and partners in e-commerce may use cookies.  OutdoorPlaces.Com will only enter into affiliate programs or partner programs with companies that have similar privacy policies to ours.

We will in the future for certain features such as the trip report, newsletters, contests and discussion forums ask for specific information and simple demographic data to better understand our clients.  We will only use this data to improve our site for you our clients to make it more specific for your particular interests.

We may share the demographic information gathered with investors, affiliates, partners and/or advertisers so that they can better understand the visitors to our site to better serve their specific needs.  With the exception of affiliate sales programs that you as the client may participate in, OutdoorPlaces.Com will never release specific e-mail, address, or phone numbers of our clients to investors, affiliates, partners and/or advertisers without your explicit permission.  If in the event OutdoorPlaces.Com was purchased, you will have the ability to opt-out of any programs you may have signed up for previously.

OutdoorPlaces.Com will never release our database or use our database of clients for unsolicited advertising, or other purposes commonly known as SPAM.  OutdoorPlaces.Com provides discussion forums as public domain and information published on our discussion forums should be treated as such.  OutdoorPlaces.Com does not encourage placing your real e-mail address in the bodies of discussion forum items.  OutdoorPlaces.Com stores the database of its client information locally off of the internet.  This allows our demographics data to be secure as possible.

We use an outside company for the banner ads that appear on our site.  These advertisers may have cookies or gather more specific information then OutdoorPlaces.Com does.  Any cookies gathered by the ad company are property of the company and OutdoorPlaces.Com does not have access to this information.  Further, OutdoorPlaces.Com has a variety of links to outside sites.  OutdoorPlaces.Com can not be responsible for the behavior of these linked sites when and if you access links outside of our site.

OutdoorPlaces.Com is in full compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.  On any form that requires the opt in for mailing, demographic or contact information, including but not limited to e-mail address, physical address, phone numbers, or household information will not be accepted by those under twelve (12) years of age.  Any forms or online point that gathers this information will require electronic certification that the registrant is over the age of twelve.

You have the ability to opt out of any program you may have signed up for. 

If you have specific questions you may contact OutdoorPlaces.Com directly:



The above policies are effective as of April 23, 2000.  OutdoorPlaces.Com reserves the right to change these policies at any time without direct notification.