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All of us at OutdoorPlaces.Com are concerned by a number of issues facing today's and future generations to come.  We believe that there is an on going crisis today within the United States and around the world.  Our planet is under assault every day by pollution, over development, poor land management, and an ever swelling and demanding population.

It is our firm belief that every person must do their part to leave the natural splendor of America behind for future generations to enjoy.  Recent victories for a variety of endangered species, and the return of some old growth forests to the Northeastern United States are major victories -- but we have a long way to go.  Our values as a company and a good citizen include:

  1. We believe and fully support the values and mission of LNT, Inc.  LNT or Leave No Trace is a non-profit program dedicated to building awareness, appreciation and respect to our outdoor resources today.  The programs recommended by LNT, Inc. are simple and promote safety and good stewardship of the outdoors.  When going to out door places one should always remember to leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but photographs.

  2. We support the Tread Lightly four-wheel-drive program and only support four-wheel drive activity to get to or leave a particular destination.   Four-wheel driving at a high rate of speed is not only dangerous, but causes tremendous damage to the ecosystem and the road ways which may be needed for rescue or fire efforts.  It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain these roadways and use them in a prudent manner.

  3. We believe in responsible hunting for the specific purpose of gathering food or in the rare case where systematic and controlled thinning of an animals population is required for it's survival.  This includes hunting only on designated grounds with the proper permits and obeying all local regulations.  We believe it is the hunters responsibility to become familiar with all of the local laws when entering an unfamiliar area.  We believe in only the use of non-toxic shot when hunting.  We do not support trophy or sport hunting, or the systematic removal of "nuisance" animals like coyotes or prairie dogs.  We believe that the combination of guns, camouflage and alcohol is a recipe for disaster, and do not support the consumption of alcohol at any time while hunting.  It is the responsibility of everyone to report poaching or illegal hunting activity.

  4. We believe in responsible fishing for the specific purpose of gathering food or the practice of catch and release.  This includes only fishing in designated areas with proper permits and obeying all local regulations.   We believe that only new generation, low emission four cycle engines or electric motors should be used for propulsion of powered watercraft.  Anglers should respect the water ways they share with smaller watercraft, especially when traveling in shallow areas frequented by paddlecraft traffic.  We believe that powered watercraft and alcohol is a recipe for disaster, and do not support the consumption of alcohol at any time while fishing -- even from a static location or on a shoreline.  It is the responsibility of everyone to report unsafe boating, poaching, or illegal fishing activity.

  5. We believe that snowmobiles and personal watercraft (a.k.a. jet skis) are a major source of air, noise and water pollution.  We do support the responsible use of the latest generation of fuel efficient, low pollution snowmobiles and personal watercraft with respect for all regulations and the people that the pathways and waterways are shared with.  The consumption of alcohol is not supported at any time when using snowmobiles or personal watercraft.  Is it the responsibility of everyone to report unsafe practice or illegal activity.

  6. We believe it is up to every single person who uses the outdoors to protect the outdoors.  You should always carry out what you brought in.  Burying and/or burning of trash is not an acceptable means of disposal.  If you encounter trash while in the outdoors, you should take the time to pick it up and dispose of it properly on your way out.  If you witness vandalism or destruction of public lands or property, you should report this activity to the proper authorities.

  7. We believe in showing respect not just to the outdoors, but to our fellow man.  Hikers, paddlers, bike riders, and campers should respect the quiet of the outdoors when visiting.  Although modern conveniences like stereos, CD-players, portable TV's and cell phones are wonderful to have, they can ruin the experience of others who may be near by.  This also extends to entering and exiting areas while in your vehicle.   Loud stereos and poorly maintained exhaust systems can carry for miles ruining the outdoor experience for some.

  8. We believe that the threat from light pollution is a real issue facing us today.  America's night skies are disappearing under an orange glow of mercury vapor lights.  Proper shields should be used on all outdoor lights to direct it where it will do the most benefit, on the ground.

  9. We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to be prepared for at least the most basic or emergencies while in the outdoors.  Weather, injuries, or disorientation can strike at any time and the proper equipment for the particular climate and terrain should be carried -- even when traveling on well marked trails in populated areas.  Carrying the proper basic equipment is not enough, as you should have a solid understanding of how and when to use each tool if required while in the outdoors.  If you feel that you are doing something outside of your ability, you should trust your instincts and not put yourself at risk.  Search and rescue activities cost the American tax payer millions of dollars each year.  Strive not to become a statistic.

It is our belief that if these values were followed by all, than everyone could still have an enjoyable time while in the great outdoors, and there would be plenty left for the generations to come.  If you will not do it for yourself, then please do it for the children of today, and the children of tomorrow.