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Contributing Editors - OutdoorPlaces.Com



 Contributing Editors Guidelines  

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OutdoorPlaces.Com is actively seeking materials about outdoor recreation, travel and destinations.  We are very interested in original content and will consider material from amateur writers.  Photographs with submitted articles will receive special consideration.  Because we are a growing website, our needs for content are constantly changing.  This document has been created to serve as a guide to assist you in submitting your content to OutdoorPlaces.Com. 


Explore OutdoorPlaces.Com to understand the style of our existing material.  Visit the topic area that interests you and see what articles are all ready there.  Do a site search to see if there is existing content on what you want to write about.  When writing about a destination, especially a state, municipal or national park, pay careful attention to information we are looking for on these parks.


Provide content on the areas of key interest.  OutdoorPlaces.Com is divided into four main topic areas that include:

Destinations.  A travel and destination guide.  Our areas of key interest include in order National Parks, State Parks, lakes, rivers, or other paddling destinations, National Forests, large county or municipal park facilities, and secret destinations.  Secret destinations are out of the way places that are off of the beaten path, but offer tremendous outdoor activity opportunities.  Examples would include:

Features.  Features are a very extensive section that includes Hiking, Camping, Backcountry, Paddling, Mountaineering, Caving, Equestrian, Health and Safety, Adventure and Survival, Inspirational, and Children’s Interests.  This is the staple of our site and we are particularly interested in, “how to,” articles and material.  Pictures and/or illustrations are of particular interest.  Examples would include:

Floyd B. Wilson.  Floyd B. Wilson is a pen name created by OutdoorPlaces.Com.  Floyd has been created to convey dry humor to our readers on a number of topics.  Writers get credit at the bottom of the story for filling in for Floyd.  Examples would include:

Gear Guide.  A buying review for outdoor gear.  Designed as a, “how to,” or introduction series.  We are constantly looking for information and buying guides on these topics.  Gear Guide is a general, brand agnostic section that aids and educates the outdoor gear buyer in the many different options and types of material used in outdoor gear.  An example would include:


Submit your material to OutdoorPlaces.Com for editorial review.  For stories less than 500 words you can use our online submission form or send an e-mail of the entire story.  E-mail your content in Microsoft Word format, a text file or in the body of your e-mail.  Please note that Microsoft Word documents with macros will not be accepted by OutdoorPlaces.Com for review.

If your story is more than 500 words, please send an e-mail or cover letter to OutdoorPlaces.Com with the following information:

  • Suggested title of the story

  • One to three paragraphs about what the story covers.  Make sure your description is written in the same style of your story.  If your story is clinical or humorous, use the appropriate style so we can better get a feel for the story.

  • How long the story is.  Either in double space type 8-1/2 X 11 or number of words.

  • Why your story will benefit OutdoorPlaces.Com and our clients.

  • If you plan to include photographs with your story please include one or two that you would want included in your story.  Photographs can be submitted in GIF or JPEG format, and should not exceed 50K in size for review.

  • If you send your material via hardcopy be sure to include a SASE if you want your materials returned to you after review.  OutdoorPlaces.Com will not return materials without a SASE.


If you want to submit your material online, you can complete our online submission form for your content.  Please note we do not have any provisions for you to upload images.  You can send your materials to CONTACT with the subject of, “STORY SUBMIT,” or you can send it via US postal service with a SASE to:

ATTN:  Michael Thiessen
7117 John Pitts Road
Panama City, FL 32404

If submitting via e-mail please make sure to include your address and phone number so our editors can contact you.


OutdoorPlaces.Com buys the non-exclusive e-rights to all submitted material where both parties agree upon payment arrangements.  OutdoorPlaces.Com reserves the right to keep material we buy the rights to on our site for an unlimited period of time.  You as the author have the rights to sell your material, including photos, illustrations and maps to any other party at any time as long as OutdoorPlaces.Com continues to have joint publishing rights.  All material will be protected by OutdoorPlaces.Com copyright to prevent duplication of your materials.  Your specific rights may vary from state to state and you may have more rights then outlined above.  OutdoorPlaces.Com operates under the laws and regulations of the state of South Dakota.


OutdoorPlaces.Com has two different payment scales depending on the content, the writing ability, and credentials of the author.  For previously published materials, original material from industry experts, or extremely well written amateur submissions, OutdoorPlaces.Com pays from $50 to $300 per article.  We will pay more for content that is highly detailed or of high interest to our clients.

If you are an amateur author who has never been published we have a second program.  OutdoorPlaces.Com will pay from $25 to $100 for amateur material from unpublished authors or for material that was of high interest, but required tremendous editorial review to get to publishing.  Content is paid on a per-click basis.  For each time your story is visited on our website by a unique IP address (to prevent loading) you will earn .05 up to the agreed to maximum.  Payment is done on a quarterly basis with a minimum payment of $15.  In the even that the remaining balance is less than $15, the entire story will be paid out.  Authors will receive a monthly report on how many times that their story has been reviewed and their account status.  Amateur authors who are successful through this program will be graduated to our standard program.


We are looking for content on the following at this time:

  • National Parks in the eastern and southeastern United States.  Mammoth National Park is of particularly high interest.

  • State Parks in the southern half of the United States.  Large park facilities with unique features that rival national parks in quality are of high interest

  • Secret Destinations in the eastern United States.  Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, and Maine are of high interest.

  • Paddling destinations.  Trip reports and destination guides to white water rivers and destinations in the western United States are of high interest.

  • Dry humor content.  OutdoorPlaces.Com is always looking for good content for our Floyd B. Wilson section.  OutdoorPlaces.Com may consider a part-time associate editor position for a regular contributor to this column.

  • Gear Guide for pop-up trailers or recreational vehicles.

  • Adventure travel in Mexico or Canada.  Information on parks or specific tours is of high interest. 

Make sure to check this page often as our needs are constantly changing.