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South Dakota Guide

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Improved Campground Nature Trails, Less Than One Mile
Backcountry Hiking/Camping Hiking Trails, Longer Than One Mile
Rock Climbing, Bouldering Mountaineering, Climbing
Caving, Guided and/or Unguided Horseback Riding, Mule Rides, Bridle Trails
Bird Watching Wildlife Viewing
Handicapped Facilities    
Paddling, Canoe/Kayak Rafting, Touring and/or Whitewater
Personal Watercraft/Jet Skis Boating or Sailing
Boat Ramp Beach With or Without Swimming
Swimming Pool

SCUBA, Snorkeling, Skin Diving


Mountain Biking, Dirt Roads, Trails

Cycling, Roads, Designated Bike Trails

Freshwater Fishing

Saltwater Fishing

Hunting, Fowl, Small or Big Game    
Cross Country Skiing, Groomed/Ungroomed  Downhill Skiing, Trails, Lifts
Snowshoeing, Frontcountry/Backcountry Snowboarding, Frontcountry
Snowmobiling Telemark/Backcountry Skiing
Ice Skating, Rinks, Lake Winter Camping, Frontcountry/Backcountry
Ice Climbing    
Visitor Center, Information Desk Children's Activities and/or Facilities
Guided Tours, Ranger Led Programs Auto Touring, Scenic Driving
Picnic Areas and/or Shelters Jeep and/or 4X4 Trails
Cabins, Primitive or Improved All Terrain Vehicles, ORV
Lodging, Hotel, Ranch, Lodge Shuttle Bus and/or Ferry Boat Service
Snack Bar and/or Restaurant Camp Store, Gifts, Books, Food, etc.
Significant Historic Sites Fossils and/or Petrified Wood
 ...or find a park by terrain and features.
QUICK TIP:  Want to take a walk in the woods?  Soak your feet in natural hot springs?  Search for seashells on a beach?  See a vibrant riparian habitat in the desert?  Narrow down your search to the specific terrain or geological features you're looking for.
Significant Springs and/or Geysers Lakes, Ponds, Bodies of Fresh Water
River, Riparian Habitat Swamp, Marsh, Estuary, Bogs
Coastal and/or Ocean, Reefs, Dunes Located On An Island or Islands
Forests, Significant Stands/Groves Hills (relative to region)
Montane, Sub-Alpine Meadows Mountains (relative to region)
Desert, Arid, Semi-Arid, High Significant Canyons, Gorges, Ravines
Badlands, Loess, Broken Active or Dormant Volcano
Prairie, Grassland, Chaparral Tundra, Arctic

Designated Wilderness Area


Urban, In and/or Near City Remote Location and/or Difficult Access