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Floyd B. Wilson - OutdoorPlaces.Com

Floyd's Fire Building Instructions


This week, Floyd shares his wisdom on fire building with sixteen simple steps on starting your own private inferno:

Split dead limbs into fragments and shave one fragment into tiny slivers

Bandage left thumb

Chop other fragments into smaller fragments

Bandage left foot

Make a structure with slivers (remove those embedded in your hand)

Light a match

Light another match

Repeat, "a Scout is cheerful," and light another match

Apply match to slivers, add wood fragments and blow gently into the base of the fire

Apply burn ointment to the tip of your noise, pat out singed eyebrows

When fire is burning, collect more wood

Upon discovering fire went out while getting more wood, soak new wood in fuel from a can marked, "kerosene," and relight with match

Treat self for second degree burns to face, hands and arms

Re-label can to read, "gasoline"

When fire is burning add remaining wood fragments

After freak thunderstorm has passed over, repeat steps one through fifteen

Floyd Features Base Camp