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 Trekking Poles Buying Guide

Extremely popular in Europe for years, more and more Americans are realizing the benefits of a quality set of trekking poles. When you hike with a set of trekking poles you are balancing the weight distribution and shock over four limbs, instead of two. People who have used trekking poles discover an almost immediate benefit to their knees, especially on long downhill treks...  Read more NOW! 

 Cookware Buying Guide

Getting the right cookware can make the difference between a satisfied stomach and culinary disaster.  There is more to cookware than a mess kit!  Learn all about the many options in camping cookware in our Cookware Buying Guide.  Read about it NOW! 

 Stove Buying Guide

New technology has made the camp stove lightweight, efficient, and relatively inexpensive.  Gone are the days of burying potatoes wrapped in foil in hot coals.  Go ahead, make that glazed chicken with wild mushrooms from scratch.  The right stove with the right fuel can help you be an iron chef when out in the bush.  Find out more in our Stove Buying Guide.  Read about it NOW! 

 Hydration Packs

Proper hydration while out hiking is a constant challenge.  Even if you are carrying water with you those bottles in the back of your pack aren't going to do much good if you can't reach them.  Find out about why staying hydrated is important and why your habits could be putting you in danger.  There is an easier way to get a drink of water on the trail.  It's time to upgrade your canteen!  Read more NOW! 

 Sleeping Bag Buying Guide

Like a trusted friend your sleeping bag wraps you up in comfort in a cold world.  Learn all about sleeping bags and the lingo before making your next purchase.  We try to make sense of it for you in our comprehensive Sleeping Bag Buying Guide.  Read about it NOW! 

 Boot Buying Guide

Your boots are the most important thing you can purchase when you hit the trail.  Although a quality pack, and other field equipment are also important, nothing will stop a hiker faster than a blister or a twisted ankle.  But for those new to the scene there are so many choices!  Gore-Tex, full grain leather, below ankle, above ankle, cemented welts, shock absorbing mid-soles, protective toe rands, crampons, lined, ARGH!  We try to make sense of it all for you in our Boot Buying Guide.  Read about it NOW! 

 Tent Buying Guide

Everyone loves their tent, until it leaves them cold, wet and shivering on a rainy night.  Buying the right tent for your planned activity in important to have a safe and fun time in the great outdoors.  Whether you car camp, backpack or trek into the backcountry, our Tent Buying Guide will help you make the right section for your outdoor needs.  Read about it NOW! 

 Backpack Buying Guide

Looking for information on backpacks?  Visit our backpack buying guide!  A whole section of our website dedicated to backpacks.  Go there NOW!