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Backcountry Equipment List

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Full pack or assault pack

Cookware set

Rain cover

Mess kit with utensils and insulated cup

Assorted compression sacks

Stove with fuel, at least 4 oz. for each day


Bear canister or food sack

Temperature appropriate sleeping bag


Sleeping pad

Cleaning kit, scrub pad, sponge, cheesecloth

Over bag




Tent or bivy sack

Toothpaste (store in bear canister)

Tarp, tent footprint, or drop cloth

Deodorant (unscented - store in bear canister)

Optional tent vestibule

Comb or brush


Toilet paper with Ziploc bag

A plan and route left with a reliable friend

Collapsible shovel for cat holes

Water bottle or hydration system

Wash rag or camp towel

Compass, floating or sighting

Bandana or hair clip



Pocket knife with locking blade

Sunglasses or Glacier Glasses

Rain gear or poncho

Insect repellant

Personal first aid kit with snake bite kit


Flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries

Broad rimmed hat or cap

Waterproof matches

Walking staff

Three to five survival candles

Lantern with fuel, at least 3 oz. for each day

Large lawn and leaf trash bag

Portable water purifier or filter

Survival whistle

Emergency heat source, stove, sterno, etc.

Thirty feet of nylon shock cord

Six to twelve feet of duct tape


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