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Day Hiking Equipment List

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A plan and route left with a reliable friend

Cellular telephone

Daypack or fanny pack

Handheld GPS receiver with spare batteries

Survival whistle


Water bottles or hydration system

Plant, animal, or geological field guide

Compass, floating or sighting

Camera with extra film


Spare disposable camera

Pocket knife with locking blade

Pen, pencil and paper

Rain gear or poncho

Small towel

Personal first aid kit

Bathing suit

Flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries

Snake bite kit

Waterproof matches


Two survival candles

Hand warmers

Large lawn and leaf trash bag

Snow shoes

Small trash bag

Tarp, emergency tent or bivy sack

High energy carbohydrate food


Extra pair of socks

Ice Axe

Survival blanket

Trekking poles

Extra clothing layers


Face mask or ski mask

Insect Repellant

Avalanche rescue beacon


Collapsible shovel

Broad rimmed hat or cap

Glacier glasses

Walking staff

Emergency heat source, stove, sterno, etc.

Thirty feet of nylon shock cord

Small pot or container for melting snow

Six to twelve feet of duct tape

Toilet paper with plastic Ziploc bag

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